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Dear People of Unwavering Religious Faith:

Dear People of Unwavering Religious Faith:

Dec 29

A brief dialogue at the South Coast Plaza

Me: Wow, an $800 dollar crystal buddha! I think they missed the point.

My Mom: Yeah. I wonder what the buddha would say about that..?

Me: Nothing.  

Dec 27

Anonymous said: how do you feel about the educational system? did you go to college/where?

Aside from being highly skeptical of how our educational system performs, I have not developed a very informed opinion of it. That is to say, I have no solutions to offer up—so I am not sure my opinion counts for much.

I went to a very average high school and had sub-par grades.  I don’t think it was the fault of the system. I wasn’t interested in learning and my parents didn’t push me to succeed.  I went to an amazing community college (Harper College in Palatine Il), excelled, and graduated from the University of San Diego.  I don’t know to what extent my education has benefited me, but since graduating I have been fortunate enough to spend 6 months working in rural environmental development in Appalachia, two years in the Peace Corps, and about five months working for Congress now.  If I ever find myself in possession of children, I will make sure I do my duties as an adult and parent, and supplement their education where the government fails (if it does). 

Dec 11

I think there is sort of a limited amount of information you can gain about the world by reading short quotes and personal insights—the quality of which varies somewhat on tumblr, although I believe I follow intelligent people—and fiery articles about how it’s Obama’s job (and not the electorates, which I find to be a startling concept) to ensure progress in the United States.  It is true that I have been busy, but I think I have also been avoiding tumblr because I find it to be lazy.  There is such a willingness to complain online without providing and demonstrating a REAL call to action.  I assume the ratio of criticisms  (and reblogging of) to direct action to be extremely minimal.  

So my personal insight, which has worked great for me but may be worth nothing to you (and that is your call), is to turn off your computer on monday and do something.  I know I will be.  

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